The Context Of The Great Exhibition History Essay

The Context Of The Great Exhibition History Essay

In the Victorian mentality of the period and epoch and in some sentiments the Great Exhibition of 1851 in The Crystal Palace at Hyde Park was arguably the pinnacle of demoing off the power and the luster of the British Empire at its tallness. Its luxury and elegance befitted the universe ‘s greatest imperium. It was a fantastic chance and event to showcase ( in chauvinistic patriotistic pride ) the great scientific discipline and technological progresss of Britain to for the first clip to both international and domestic states. To those organizers and people at the clip, the exhibition was meant to showcase and foreground and light how immature, exciting and inspirational Victorian Britain was and how it was full of great thoughts and innovations- some of which were world-wide number ones and to be treasured and valued extremely. The honor and glorification of Victorian Britain was on full public show and every category was someway affected and involved. This essay will discourse the relationship between scientific discipline and engineering on show at the Great Exhibition of 1851 had a spiritual map and intent and intending instead than merely a proficient mechanical and enlightening and educative and entertaining significance by analyzing the societal, political, economic and cultural context and landscape of the clip of the Great Exhibition of 1851, by looking specifically at the significance, intent and bequest of the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Meanings and purposes of the Great Exhibition were assorted and the organizers and general public read into the Great Exhibtion in a multiplicity of different ways for different people. Magazines and newspapers had a broad assortment and diverseness of differing opnions. Punch tried so difficult to degrade and jab merriment and disrepute and devaluate the Great Exhibition of 1851 due to its racism, subjugation and domination and the rampant large spread between the richer and poorer[ 1 ], but “ However, it can non bury that popular sentiment finds the Exhibition exciting and amazing and Punch, in the terminal, can non get away the popular nationalist rhetoric of dominant Great Exhibition commentaries… ”[ 2 ]. The Exhibition besides had darker significances “ … it was already at work in half-hidden ways rewriting and transforming that civilization… ”[ 3 ]and “ internal supplanting and eviction… ”[ 4 ]and “ … .Hidden darker significances and intents behind the bright, light, frontages ( as a distraction and rouse ) ”[ 5 ].

Prince Albert in greatly recommending and backup and supporting and patronizing the Great Exhibition of 1851 believed it would be instrumental to the scientific and technological promotions traveling forwards but within a secular manner[ 6 ]. “ … This survey has shown that many different facets of faith entered the frame and that the Great Exhibition of 1851 can non merely be portrayed as a secular event but besides heralded an of import minute in the spiritual universe of early Victorian England. John Stoughton stated The Crystal Palace was “ a Monument of Christianity ”[ 7 ], “ From this position the significance of the Great Exhibition of 1851 ballad in its profound yet multiple spiritual significances ” .[ 8 ]So, The Great Exhibition of 1851, hence, in decision, was a really of import event non merely for scientific discipline and engineering but for faith besides excessively and that the varied and assorted responses and intents and significances high spot and light this.

Overall, the great ideals of Prince Albert were finally eventually successful in clip and infinite “ … Prince Albert ‘s dream of an international Centre observing the humanistic disciplines and scientific disciplines has been achieved, through the finding and dedication of those who served the Commission over the intervening century and a half, either as members or officers. They have created the world-class museums of art and scientific discipline which he wanted to see, founded in the aftermath of the successful international exhibition, and colleges in both civilizations now train pupils from all over the universe. “ Albertopolis ” celebrates its laminitis ‘s ideals and aspirations for his adoptive state, but besides exemplifies the truly international quality of the adult male himself and the establishments he created ”[ 9 ]. Prince Albert ‘s dreams, wants, hopes and desires and aspirations for scientific discipline, engineering and faith may hold been exalted and some thought unachievable bit by bit became realistic and come-at-able and accomplishable as the Prince was non naif and excessively ambitious he was really non tooA ambitious andA besides matter-of-fact methodical and reasonable who kept in touch with existent universe practical applications every bit good as doing expansive bold claims.

Linked and assorted within the bequest of the Great Exhibition is non merely scientific discipline and engineering but besides necessarily and inexorably linked is the spiritual perceptual experience and world. “ Most of the strong spiritual resistance to the exhibition dated from the late 1850 and the early months of 1851 but had mostly disappeared by the clip of the expansive gap. Even some of the periodicals that had earlier criticized the exhibition changed their sentiment after the official gap and participated in the widespread euphory and optimism that the exhibition engendered. ”[ 10 ].Most spiritual cabals gave in and joined in the jubilations of the 1851 Great Exhibition. “ … this important disparity allowed many spiritual coevalss to acclaim the Exhibition as a spiritual event, while others, including most historiographers, position it as a thoroughly secular jubilation of engineering, industry, and commercialism ”[ 11 ]. This shows the debateable and contestable and diverse and varied nature of the relationship between scientific discipline, engineering and faith.

It was an uneven mixture of a spiritual or wholly politically non-religious event. “ … that energetically sought to evangelise among the visitors- demonstrated that they came to see the Exhibition as a crucially of import event and one that required a decisive spiritual response. ”[ 12 ].Religion needed to be strongly represented and heard at the great exhibition of 1851. “ … Therefore while the organisers portrayed the Exhibition as a vehicle to circulate peace and international brotherhood, many evangelicals perceived it as a premier chance to trumpet the pre-eminence of Protestantism and of England ”[ 13 ]. “ Indeed, for many of these authors the Exhibition served as an progressive but humanly apprehensible theoretical account of the New Jerusalem. Most Christians, far from rejecting the Great Exhibition, welcomed it… ” It could besides be seen as a great illustration of best pattern for the whole universe[ 14 ]. “ … Therefore while Catholics saw the Exhibition… .oppression, the Anglo-jewish elite perceived the successes of Jews in the Exhibition as legalizing the equality of the Jews at the tallness of the statements over emancipation. Secularists appeared to hold been divided over the value of the Exhibition, with Owen in peculiar utilizing it to propagate his messiac vision, while more extremist Socialists saw merely its societal dangers… ”[ 15 ]But for all three groups the Exhibition raised the issue of individuality, as they struggled to place themselves in the spiritual landscapes of the mid-century ”[ 16 ]. Catholics saw it as exclusionary and sole ; Jews saw it as a great chance to derive regard and esteem. Secularists had assorted positions. Owen used it as a platform for his ain positions, sentiments and ideals while other more extremist people saw it merely as insurgent and unsafe… most of all it was a hunt for a concrete intent for being at all for spiritual groups. “ Like a figure of other pacificists, Burritt considered that the Exhibition marked the start of a new epoch in universe history, when the aura of peace and international cooperation would displace the old universe of warring states. While human self-control had an of import function to play in showing this new age, Burritt ‘s vision was profoundly spiritual. The assemblage of the states in London was portion of a divinely ordained program and the fulfillment of prognostication. A new age was merely get downing… ”[ 17 ].Burritt and other such pacificists believed a new universe order would come based on the exalted ideals of cooperation, regard, and peace and love instead than barbarous cabals ready for war forming and making intense competitions in naval and army power. “ … Prince Albert non merely stressed the importance of progressing industry and commercialism through the exhibition, but besides set this impression of stuff advancement steadfastly within a spiritual frame. He envisaged the Exhibition as a divinely ordained event that would expose God ‘s creative activity, progress Christianity, and breed both moral betterment and international peace… ”[ 18 ].

The reappraisals and reactions of the general populace and scientists to The Great Exhibition in the Victorian Period itself can be utile and helpful to compare and contrast in order to derive a fuller image of the Exhibition itself by uncovering the great graduated table of sentiment in favor of the Exhibition. Edmond “ The Crystal Palace, memorial of Peace! , “ The vocals of congratulations are everlasting and big, “ aˆ¦unparalleled show of human industry! ”[ 19 ]. This shows how hopeful and expectant the population was that this Great Exhibition of 1851 would alter the manner society operated and functioned and that chiefly they were proud of such a big scale event go oning in their ain state with such potentially of import effects for the whole universe and for Britain itself. Babbage echoes this congratulations and esteem and provinces that, “ The approaching Exposition is considered by many as a great and glorious show, calculated to give pleasance and exhilaration to 100s of 1000s of personsaˆ¦ But its great and paramount valueaˆ¦ ” and he besides believed that the Exhibition would besides be of import “ aˆ¦For the honor and promotion of scientific discipline ”[ 20 ].There were great outlooks and hopes were placed upon The Great Exhibition and non merely was it seen as a popular and entertaining topographic point to see different exhibits from around the universe but it besides had another double purpose non merely to be enjoyed and appreciated at leisure but it was besides desired that it would edify and teach the general population upon Victorian scientific discipline and engineering and increase consciousness and apprehension and regard and esteem non merely of scientific discipline and engineering but besides of religion and belief and faith. Whereas, Edmond believed the Great Exhibition would steer and take a new sphere of a way based and formed upon harmoniousness and cordiality worldwide based on spiritual tolerance and moderateness and dialogue and via media with less armed states ; nevertheless, Babbage believed the Great Exhibition to be important as a phase for the airing and argument of scientific discipline and engineering at all degrees, so a existent mixture of moral and proficient mechanical scientific intents.

European society and civilization was really assorted up and muddled and conflicting and differing and confused in its purposes and intents at Great Exhibitions before and after 1851 “ aˆ¦The coming together of contradictory values at the exhibitions, whereby positive impressions of advancement were buttressed against organised subjugation and development, says much about the plural morality in operation throughout European civilization at the clip. Ultimately, as with a huge figure of cultural artifacts, it must be concluded that the exhibitions embodied neither good nor evil in any simple sense but were a complex mixture of bothaˆ¦ ”[ 21 ].The Exhibitors instead than interrupting down inequality and hatred possibly even strengthened and increased the endemic racism and development and subjugation “ aˆ¦one of the few degrees where European Society operated in the absence of category was in the sphere of racial bias. Messages phrased in consistent mode to all degrees of society affirmed the lower status of colored people’saˆ¦ with small good coming out of them in societal, moral, or rational footings[ 22 ]. Before World War Two states were able to set aside differences to exhibit together. Rather than cultivating apprehensions and cooperation ‘s as clip went by states refused and objected to exhibit with rival political orientations particularly and peculiarly after WW2[ 23 ]. “ aˆ¦No international apprehension, no growing of human family, no rapprochement of peoples or nationsaˆ¦ ”[ 24 ]. This shows that the exhibitions did non basically change the nucleus of society which was portion of their moralising and spiritual mission.

The reluctance and hesitace in the relationship between scientific discipline, faith and engineering at the Great Exhibition of 1851 is shown by that there were late expostulations and troubles by the exhibitioners[ 25 ]. At least concerns about the security and steadiness of the edifice were cut downing[ 26 ].The Exhibitions were a colorful, varied mixture of existent discoveries of great beauty or complexness or good practical applications but some were merely for show in there by fortune and opportunity and good luck[ 27 ]. The British scientific discipline and engineering on show was the best most cutting border of the period but besides frivolous cheapnesss and educating others about how our “ natural resourcesaˆ¦fuel our function as a taking fabrication nation.. ”[ 28 ]. The Great Exhibition of 1851 did non get down the procedure of international cooperation and harmoniousness as tonss had feverishly wished for “ But it did announce alterations in British society far more profound than its boosters could of all time hold imaginedaˆ¦ ”[ 29 ]. The Great Exhibition of 1851 somehow rallied together and strengthened and renewed and revived and refreshed a trust and religion and belief in the goodness of the royalist system. There was a existent reluctance and opposition to go forthing for a few[ 30 ]. The bequest continued for the following three decennaries at least, as The Crystal Palace held on a regular basis scheduled events and activities such as universe record efforts, animate being shows and all different sorts of exhibits and carnivals such as flowered shows and such like so on. Its last expansive big graduated table event was the 1911 Festival of Empire[ 31 ]. In 1851 the admiration and exhilaration at such a new and exciting Exhibition was really existent and matchless.

The outward image the exhibition gave was really of import and was negotiated and compromised and debated over at length and comprehensiveness. “ What should be clear though from the beginning is that the exhibition lacked any petroleum or fixed political orientation. Rather, its administration reflects many different objectivesaˆ¦ ”[ 32 ].Rather than universally supported with the British people, they turned to the thought with agnosticism and misgiving and unfavorable judgment. “ Briton ‘s did non instantly back up the thought, as calls over the contract and the edifice should hold been made clear. Deciding these differences was merely a halt spread step for the organizers, at best, an exercising in harm control ( had to move as go-betweens and peacekeepers ) aˆ¦Critical to the success of the exhibition would be the committees ability to sell the program to the populace in a positive manner, to advance and advertise the exhibition to the full nationaˆ¦ ”[ 33 ]. The Great Exhibition was non merely an stray metaphorical event but it had purpose and intending excessively and it had to be marketed, branded and promoted for it to be a success but it was non merely an ideological tool for increasing patriotism and nationalism as its significances it projected were assorted and unstable[ 34 ]. The Great Exhibition recemented and reminded of Britain ‘s high and particular and expansive position of a taking scientific and technological state “ aˆ¦It meant handmade every bit much as machine-made goods. It meant small-scale every bit much as large-scale production. And it meant happening a balance of both humanistic disciplines and makers, of commercialism and cultureaˆ¦ ”[ 35 ].The Great Exhibition showed that even though Britain was profoundly split in socio-economic and cultural and political footings it was still united “ … There was in a sense, both integrating and segregation.. ”[ 36 ]. Despite inequalities Britain remained a strong topographic point to some certain extent in its administrative governmental and artistic brand up.

There was an wholly more darker and sinister and disclosure and lighting other alternate intent ( other than the scientific, technological and spiritual ) , to the Exhibition that alternatively of all being about peace and love and harmoniousness and change by reversaling barriers that pre-existed to greater integrating and cooperation the population at big besides saw it as a great “ competition ” to advance British illustriousness and its ain significances for being by doing merriment of alien “ other ” states though humiliation, demonisation and subjugation and development. Its greatest most permanent bequest was that it was greatly extremely valued and treasured and celebrated internationally and domestically. “ From its building in 1854 until its devastation in 1936, the Crystal Palace in Sydenham, far more than the memory of the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park remained an digesting symbol of the state. It was the icon that aliens such as Dostoyevsky and Taine and subjects such as Disraeli and Gissing pointed to as the barometer of Britain ‘s successes and failures, its character and orientation ”[ 37 ]. There was no individual incorporate significance or intent to the exhibition as the intents and significances were flexible and changed through clip and infinite.

For some it symbolised patterned advance ( and a state at the tallness of strength, influence and power ) ; for others it stood for all that was wrong with Victorian Society ( such as the sensed extravagancy and inequality and deluxe luxury and racism and subjugation and development[ 38 ]) . “ For some it was the 8th admiration of the universe, an Arabian dark ‘s castle ; for others it was “ ugly ” , full of “ old things ”[ 39 ]… All of these arguments, both at the clip of the exhibition and since, have truly been about the nature, or individuality, of Britain. That the exhibition put Britain on show there is small uncertainty. What is, and ever will be, open to inquiry is merely which visions and versions of Britain it exhibited ”[ 40 ]. The purposes of the Great Exhibition as being an inspirational beacon and illustration non merely of scientific discipline and engineering but besides of Christianity as a religion and belief may non hold been to the full realised due to the confliction and contradiction in the footings of that double intent and significance and usage.

The Great Exhibition carefully and methodically projected Britain to the wider universe slightly illogically. What Britain was was unfastened to debate, dialogue and treatment. It was a opportunity and chance to reflect in a just and accurate manner to the universe what Britain was like to populate and work in and how it was seen to the universe was of premier importance. People ‘s perceptual experience at big of Britain ( at the clip of the Great Exhibition of 1851 ) needed to fit the worlds of life and working in Britain in the Victorian Period. Overall, it was a monolithic chance to market, promote, trade name, and sell Britain as a finish to the universe ( internationally ) like ne’er before instead than merely to the British occupants ( domestically and locally ) . The Great Exhibition hence needed to be expansive, theatrical, over the top, big, and popular and entertaining every bit good as instruction and acquisition and ratting and educating the wider population. It had a hard and disputing equilibrating act to juggling and maestro.

In the context of the Great Exhibition of 1851 these different states, conversely, show that for some certain states at the Great Exhibition it was about happening a voice on the universe platform ( to derive authorization, credibleness, regard and esteem ) , alternatively of exhibiting for any spiritual, scientific and technological intensions and significances and intents. Greece ‘s inclusion and partaking engagement in The Great Exhibition of 1851 was extraordinary and surprising due to its old fashioned conditions and really small growing enlargement and advancement rate and fortunes and state of affairss of the Victorian Era and how backwards Greece was[ 41 ]. America ‘s engagement won over the Black Marias and heads of the skeptics and deniers of America as a state and it demanded attending and regard and esteem[ 42 ]. The Great Exhibition of 1851 was unsurprisingly non the first Great Exhibition and in the 1810s to 1840s the lower socio-economic groups of society in the Institutes of the professions and working category laborers in the metropolitan and provincial countries formed their ain carnivals and exhibitions[ 43 ].

The bequest of The Great Exhibition high spots because of merely how contradictory and conflicting the significances and intents were so that meant a positive consequence for scientific discipline and engineering such as the aggregation that was made and redisplayed when the original exhibition closed ; other exhibitions that followed in other metropoliss ; the development of the assorted museums around South Kensington in London ; besides the development of assorted educational establishments and museums around South Kensington ( including the Science Museum which was established in 1857, and the Victoria and Albert Museum which was established in 1852 ) , partially because of the money made ( the exhibition was a great success ) and the fact that they had to make something with the exhibits which exhibitioners did n’t desire to take back, and besides the twine of international exhibitions following the 1851 1 ( for illustration in Paris and so onaˆ¦ ) where for illustration electricity and so forth were displayed excitingly.

Changing perceptual experiences and worlds were instrumental to the bequest of the Great Exhibition of 1851. The socio-economic clime changed so much in the Victorian Period that manners came and went. “ Finally, around the bend of the century, the Crystal Palace euphory began to decline. This was partially to make with altering impressions of diversion, which no longer revolved around instruction, and partially the consequence of a wider instruction in support for Victorian values like free trade and cosmopolitanism which the Exhibition had propounded, and which had given the edifice symbolic value… ”[ 44 ].The scientific discipline and engineering bequest of the Great Exhibition was a great precursor and premeditation and started the increasing modernization and industrialization and globalization of modern modern-day Britain[ 45 ].

The bequest of the Great Exhibition has been excessively narrowly researched and studied and “ to acquire a sense of the bequest of the Great Exhibition we have to project the net broad… ”[ 46 ]. Even though the Exhibition was popular and successful apathy and neutrality did increase at such a extremely organized civilization[ 47 ]. Prince Albert ‘s dreams, wants, hopes and desires and purposes were non to the full met. Specifically on the bequest for scientific discipline, scientific discipline museums grew in figure and spread and, “ The bequest of the Crystal Palace suggests one time once more that Victorian scientific discipline was non truly a value-free hunt for natural truths- alternatively it was an endeavor that engaged God and capitalist economy, amusement and commercialism, the moral and the utile, scientific discipline and show… ”[ 48 ]. The effects on engineering were instrumental excessively ; The Great Exhibition broke down barriers and obstructions of secretiveness and privateness that had for ages stopped the growing of the transitional spread of proficient information across concerns and administrations. They were besides a value-free topographic point for new engineerings to be showcased, tested unrecorded and promoted and judged and brought and publicised[ 49 ].

In decision, the relationship between scientific discipline, faith and engineering on show at the 1851 Great Exhibition is a complex and hard one and is problematic and contestable. But, in one manner, it can be thought of as, the relationship between scientific discipline, engineering and faith at The Great Exhibition was that the scientific discipline and engineering on show were perceived at least at the clip to hold a moral spiritual intent and significance of patterned advance and promotion of faith and ethical motives in some certain preset and foreordained manner but this may or may non hold been knowing[ 50 ]. The 1851 Great Exhibition can be seen as a great watershed minute. The Victorian love matter and compulsion with the public show and pageantry in galleries, museums and exhibitions ( both populace and private ) had ever been present but 1851 boot started and accelerated and increased an detonation of new activities and events in the show of scientific discipline and engineering and it was seen as a great success. The Great Exhibition of 1851 touched society in cultural, political, spiritual and societal ways but it would take many more farther hereafter coevalss to see full equality ( on gender, racial and category lines ) be to the full achieved. The Great Exhibition of 1851 particularly and peculiarly was merely one probationary hesitating event on the long route to altering society ( in the rich tapestry of broader life ) . To to the full wipe out and eliminate the laterality and subservience in Victorian society and civilization ( which was so widespread and platitude ) would take extremist and far making new ideas and feelings and new Torahs, regulations, administration and legislative acts. The greatest bequest of this one exhibition ( upon contemplation ) is the go oning formalization and institutionalisation of scientific discipline and engineering and the broadening of public instruction in scientific discipline and engineering and the turning captivation and grasp and regard and esteem of scientific discipline and engineering more by and large. Even though the Great Exhibition was a phase on which states from around the Earth could show their achievements, Great Britain wanted to turn out its ain laterality and pre-eminence.