Financial Analysis Using The Lawrence Sports Simulation Finance Essay

Financial Analysis Using The Lawrence Sports Simulation Finance Essay

The art of Working Capital Management is like beguiling with the hard currency flow and escape, in good times and bad. In the Lawrence Sports simulation, the payment and aggregation periods have been compressed from the standard pattern in the US to exemplify the rules of hard currency direction ( 2007 ) . Reviewing the Lawrence Sports Simulation the writers created capital policies that cut down future troubles and made recommendation for which policy Lawrence Sports should implement. These recommendations include the followers: an rating of the hazard, eventualities, public presentations steps that are used, and an execution program.

Conservative Approach

In utilizing the conservative attack, Lawrence Sports would change much of its short-run funding to longer debt duties. By replacing increasing rates with low fixed rates on long-run funding, this attack could maintain involvement depression. This enables utilizing long-run funding for some of its impermanent current assets and for all long-run and lasting current assets. When plus demands are high, short-run funding would be used. When plus demands are low, they could take advantage of the chance to use extra financess into more marketable securities. Since most athleticss are seasonal, financing a part of its financess for peculiar demands on a long-run footing would construct more of a safety border ( Emery, Finnerty, & A ; Stowe, 2007 ) .

Maturity Matching Approach

With adulthood matching, Lawrence Sports can dodge the hazard of defaulting and involvement rates, by fiting the adulthoods of its assets and liabilities in the signifier of $ 1.2 million bank loans, ( Emery, Finnerty, & A ; Stowe, 2007 ) . Lawrence Sports will still hold to intercede with the providers to pay back the load of the loan and lessen the shortage of hard currency. No extra financess will be available by utilizing the adulthood fiting. Although holding extra financess would profit the company more than holding no financess, it is non recommended to utilize the adulthood fiting attack because the capital will be tied-up for the long-run, doing the company less fluid.

Aggressive Approach

Management prefers an aggressive attack to finance working capital to raise profitableness ( Emery, Finnerty, & A ; Stowe, 2007 ) . All seasonal or impermanent demands are financed utilizing short-run financess but the aggressive attack uses long-run financess to finance merely the fixed portion of current assets. In order to capitalise on the increased profitableness provided by aggressive funding, Lawrence Sports will necessitate concrete information and information on hard currency flow demands to decrease the demand for liquidness. Hazard is provoked due to the potency of market fluctuations. The usage of short-run loans allows for higher returns but non without added hazard ( Emery, Finnerty, & A ; Stowe, 2007 ) .


It is recommended that the company implement the conservative attack based on the current policies of Lawrence Sports. This method decreases hazard associated with decreased liquidness, increasing involvement rates, and economic alterations impacting the handiness of concern loans.

Evaluation of Hazard

The optimum solution can non be deemed successful unless the coveted alterations is acquired and stop stated ends are met. Ongoing procedures and prosodies must be in topographic point to supervise the success of the optimum solution and capital direction policy. Lawrence Sports can measure the solutions implemented by using basic ratios to fiscal statements. Checking values for debt-to-equity ratios and return on investing ratios can supply a clear image of whether or non the company edifice hard currency militias and puting hard currency in a positive mode.

Other prosodies include the hard currency transition rhythm, mean aggregation period and histories receivable aging. In the events the hard currency transition rhythm does non acquire reduced so Lawrence Sports will necessitate to measure other countries for betterments such as the clip oversight between acquiring the finished merchandise delivered and the aggregation rhythms. Longer hard currency transition rhythm creates greater dependences on short-run funding to pay the measures until money is collected. A shorter hard currency transition rhythm would bespeak the new policies are effectual. Average aggregation period which measures the length of clip from invoice issue to the clip Lawrence Sports receives payment. Monitoring the mean aggregation period will uncover if the freshly implemented recognition and aggregation policy is effectual. Histories receivable aging sum-ups will specify whether or non receivables are being collected in a timely mode or if farther ratings need to be done.


A eventuality program is a program developed for a certain state of affairs that bears unanticipated events. Businesss typically have a eventuality program that can salvage them when unfortunate events hit their field of operation. Plan B besides helps in retrieving from an luckless place with minimal clip and cost possible every bit good as supplying a safety shock absorber of adequate financess and appropriate sum of clip to continue hard currency influxs that aid in run intoing payment deadlines. A The program detailed herein contains three solutions that would assist Lawrence Sports in this regard.

Lawrence should develop a dialogue program by directing a astute representative to put steadfast deadlines for Mayo that obligates the latter to do payments on clip therefore salvaging on involvement payments for the loans obtained by Lawrence.

Financing long term debts that require high involvement rates should be avoided in favour of short term 1s. The sum involved in such a procedure, more than 15 % versus 10 % in involvement, can be devoted to other issues within the company such as paying necessary operating expense or even impart the money to other concern spouses and do money out of this loaning procedure.

Reach-out to different spouses other than the 1s bing who had defaulted several times doing advantage of the resonance. Mayo contributes to 95 % of Lawrence ‘s gross revenues, yet fails to do payments on clip doing money deficit to their suppliers. Therefore, widening the weaponries of Lawrence to different retail merchants, without damaging the relationship with Mayo, is a measure that should be kept within the history of the former as a wise option.

Pull offing liquidness reflects any “ house ‘s ability to run into its duties as they come due ( Emery, 2007 ) . ” It is the art of “ Juggling twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours hard currency of a company ” in its enterprise to accomplish its highest ends in fulfilling concern spouses in add-on to maintaining its ain fiscal concerns at the maximal degree of balance. Maximization of stockholder wealth is the end of working capital direction, and it involves hard currency investings, marketable securities, stock lists and receivables harmonizing to Emery. Lawrence Sports needs to concentrate on good planning every bit good as quicker responses ( Lawrence simulation, 2007 ) .

Performance Measures for Evaluation

When measuring working capital policies at Lawrence Sports we must do many considerations. Borrowing money from Bankss our other companies should be avoided every bit much as possible. Banks will be hesitating to give money, even to large companies, in an unstable economic system. The new policy must besides let the company to roll up histories receivable every bit much as possible. Stretching the payments due excessively many hebdomads or even into the following month could be lay waste toing to our company. If our company has a bad month for doing gross revenues we may non hold the money to back up another company ‘s debt. We must besides be able to be flexible because non leting a spouse such as Mayo Retail Company could be damaging to Lawrence Sports. If we disturb that relationship we could lose adequate concern to destroy our company ( Lawrence simulation, 2007 ) .

Risk-Return Tradeoff

When measuring the new program the hazard return trade off rules must be considered. For illustration, leting a company like Mayo Retail company excess clip to pay us history has some hazard but is likely deserving making to keep a valuable relationship. What if they had outstanding payments due for months constructing up monolithic debt to Lawrence Sports? We would hold to see non put on the lining future fiscal problem with the company in hopes we would hold a better working relationship with another company. The new program must turn to the Risk-Return rule ( Emery, Finnery, & A ; Stowe, 2007 ) .


In order for the new working capital program to execute efficaciously it must be various. The new program should hold the ability to offer short term funding and long term funding when appropriate. A long-run spouse who is trusted may be able to pay our company accounts receivable in a long-run payment program ( Emery, Finnery, & A ; Stowe, 2007 ) . For illustration if Mayo Retailers is holding a period of low gross revenues they may non hold the ability to pay the history instantly. The hazard of making something like this would hold to be considered. A company must be trusted and have a good history of paying debts to be considered for long-run finance. Short-run aggregations on histories should be used whenever possible. Besides our company would be good suited to spouse with companies that allow us to pay back debts long term if need be. Gartner will non let us much purchase because we are non major clients of theirs. We may non be able to negociate long-run payments with them. The new program should perchance affect a peddling partnership with Murray entirely because affecting Gartner may ache our ability to be various ( Lawrence simulation, 2007 ) .


When measuring and mensurating the public presentation of the new recommendation the antecedently mentioned standards should be considered. The recommendation should concentrate on the risk-return rule in some facet when implemented. Lawrence Sports must be versatile in order to borrow our brand payments in a short-run our long-run manner. Long-run payment workss can be implemented on a limited footing merely. They should merely be used on sure spouses who have a good history of paying money back to the company. Implementing two long-run programs at the same time could be troublesome for our concern. If Lawrence Sports has a down gross revenues period and low histories collectible it could coerce the company into a money borrowing state of affairs that puts us in debt. While one long-run payment program is in action the other spouses should be on short-run payment programs. When Lawrence Sports is paying its histories the company should utilize a upper limit of one long-run payment program otherwise it is excessively difficult to maintain path of fundss. The new policy demands to be implemented fleetly but with delicacy. Being excessively aggressive with roll uping fundss can strive of import concern relationships ( Lawrence simulation, 2007 ) . However, we have to see the well being of our company. Changeless outstanding debts owed by other companies are unacceptable. Lawrence Sports should be able to use a flexible finance collection policy but besides be able to accommodate into a more aggressive attack when necessary.


A director managing the daily hard currency of a company besides has to equilibrate many things like aggregations, bad debts, expenses, hereafter grosss, adoption, and loan refund at the same time ( Lawrence simulation, 2007 ) . Hence, working the capital policies will assist cut down future troubles. The writers made recommendations for the followers: an rating of the hazard, eventualities, public presentation steps and have an execution program for the Lawrence Sports Simulation. It requires good planning and speedy responses when pull offing or beguiling with hard currency flows and escapes.