My Hometown

My Hometown

Hello sir ! Could you check this “essay” or something i call like that for me please? .. I wanted to join a exam but i can’t find out a person who can check this and i don’t do it well. I don’t know it is true or false when joining a game with some helps from others, but i think if i join a exam on net, that means people,who makes the game, accepted all your actions to finish your game. So i decide to ask you. I don’t know whether it is ok or not too, can you tell me if it is so stupic? Thank you sir very much. The Requestion of the exam is writing a essay.

It says why you want to join in a university? the major you chose ? The reason you think you can get the assistance from the program? And this it my essay. It is so ashame when i must say that i did this in over 1 month what you can do in only some hours.. but i think it is not good. ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I love my hometown, love views from the windown of my house, the ground which is full with childrens’ laughs,love the peace of the simple life here… ove houses on the back of mountains, love friendly people, too. I love everything belongs my hometown where i was born and grew in 20 years… But I want a change! … Because all things i love are the outside of the poor here! My native land is poor. The destitution keeps on pursue persistently the human life in many years.. no escape route…. That is a mountainous remote province in Viet nam – a developing country remains numerous difficulty. There , people work hard but still have not enough food because the work and the life here depends on the changeable climate very much.

Therefore, children like us grow up in much anxietys and expection to change the life of many generations. The childhood closely connected the memory of my parents’ strenousness and pieces of life who can’t get out the poor obsess me continously. Sometimes i feel very sad while seeing a beggar who come from a far place to here to earn living but finds nothing; really feel unable when all i can do for the medicant old woman is simply only the sympathy; burst into tears when unintentionally seeing what my father does for people around him though he isn’t richer than them any more.

I often think about my past trip to places where electricity couldn’t come, went in a half of a day, looked at isolated ustable houses on the side of mountains; saw simple smiles apear vaguely with the strenousness of childrents; listened to the “night leaf horn” which dissoled into the fog- the sound was so sorrowful , couldn’t find a way… And i wonder myself how i can help them,how to do for some day, there will be a university with international quality in Viet nam, a free hospital for poors, or at least how to help people in need in my country get richer !

I continued to bring those all memories with desires to do something for my native land stride over the childhood…. until now. Saying that doesn’t mean i am completely good, maybe only 50% but that let know that i don’t take notice of sundry things or money to enjoy for myself. I tried to find something else which wasn’t ephemeral like position or fame ! I tried to help my compatriots.

Perhaps it is because i am as poor as them, or because of the way i was educated, thought that being a person means having to become a good person , help others specially the olds and the poors, that having to live generously, open-handedly, that happiness is when others live happily… Many years… growing uy… education is the key. I understanded that the only way to help my hometown is having to have a lot of knowledge to help them do what they don’t know now. Thus that means i must be very skilled. For that reason, i must learn to be capable to do that.

And therefore university is a destination which is surely existed in my way. So i determined to try my best to enter a university. But during 7 years- a long period of my life- the lastest 7 years, while i was trying to find those good things for the community, unhappy events happened successively. My grandfather then my uncle died, my cousin has been seriously ill and the life burden was put on my mother’s skinny shoulder, my family had unhealed conflict. All of them were because of disease or some people’s unresenful actions. They make me wonder that is it what i am finding really important ?

It also let me know that what my naive think! What i presumed to be ephemeral in fact are very necessary , though not for me but for people around me. If i was richer, many things might be diffirent, or at least i could change something in my life, didn’t have to see my darlings passed away inefficiently. I understand that i can’t live for others before live for just my darlings ! It is not true to have ardour and knowledge means you can do all things you want, but you must have a lot of money to make the life around you beter. nd entering a university for me now is not for a future to help poors but also to earn money to bring a happier life to my darlings, because in my country there isn’t any way to get rich not need degrees. By that thinking methol, i tried to learn with the reason to earn money to help my darlings then help poor people around me. Sometimes i am also afraid of perspective about the future i will not have thought “losing $1 doesn’t make me poorer” and remain only the thought “having more $1 means i am richer $1″… but i also know that i don’t live among saints, i am living among instincts of people.

A person can’t live by a nice dream like in novels or a purpose purely for community. And when earning money become a reason to get into the university , i think it isn’t any uglyness if that money is legal, righterous an to be used effectively. After all endeavour, i can enter a university. I hoped to become a information technology (IT) engineer because i thought i could help people in my hometown make acquaintance with computer, net more and learn more knowledge by those, find more new way to work better than now…

The wish still go with me to step over the gate of the university. But it is academy of finance with my major is “finance and banking” Why? My friends ask me that? I says it is because i don’t like IT engineer any more. But in bottom of my heart i know why i chose this way. I think simply that working in financial sphere means i will contact with economic matter soon. be more flexible and i can carry out my desire sooner then becoming a IT engineer. The second reason and also the main reason is my family. The tears are wet hen dry on my mother’s face, the folds are dim then clear on my father’s forehead. the people i love can’t wait until i grow up completely. Six anh a half years for IT is so long in compasion with four and a half years in academy of finance. I don’t want my parent must work hard any more.. So the dream will forever be only a dream. I learnt, passed the entrance exam , and entered a economic university as i defined ! I think all people join this competition are all worth to get the prize because we are all trying to find for ourself a own methol to continue the learning way.

Nobody who i very rich or isn’t studious want to spend time to “search scholarship on net”, ready to complete with thousands of people over the world, accept the fail to burn a flame though very light for a opportunity to learn. But i hope i will be one of people in fact get the assistance from this competition. Firstly, it is because of what i did. I have gone and i still want to continue to go on the way i chose. I tried and got some local and regional prize in secondary school. I got two scholarships in 2 semesters from my university for excellent students.

I know the education in Vietnam contains problems and hasn’t been accaepted in many other countries. But these results i had are the encouragement to me not to give up. The next year – this year, i appplied for a completed scholarship from my government and i was successfull. Now i have gone to Hungary for two months to learn the major business administration in Corvinus university in Budapest. I have determined to go away from Vietnam , go to a strange country which is thousands of kilometer from my hometown in five years, accept to abandan some things in the present to hope to achieve something better in the future !

Saying that doesn’tmeans i am excellent or something like that, but it let to see i really tried to act for my life purpose in many years not in a short time. I believe i have enough capability to go to the end with i defined. I can work well and help others tomorrow if i recieve the assistance today ! Moreover i think the prize is worth to give people who really need it and can use it effectively. I’m sure that it is the aim of this competition and i believe i can do that too. If i get the assistance, i will use t most effectively because it will be used to help my studying better.

Now i need to buy English books for my major which are very expensive in Hungary and a computer to learn English, find aademic information and contact with my family. All these investment for the future of mine need about $ 500. Although i have assistance from my goverment but in my condition now i have just come here with many things need paying. I can’t buy them. And the most reason i really hope to recieve the help from this programme is my younger sister who will enter a university this year. When coming here, i want to work to earn some money to send back my family.

Although the salary a student here can get by a parttime workisn1t much but there is a large distance between the paying level in Hungary and Vietnam. So i work here, i can help my sister pay for her study at her university. that eans the prize doesn’t help only one but also two people come nearer the learning hope. I was far away from my country to study. While many students choose the way to stay here or in bigs places to work when have enought abilities and degrees, , i engaged to come back my hometown to work after studying.

Sometimes i wonder it is true or false? But finally i still want to continue this way. Sweats, tears, sadness drop in a remote country at the end must give me back something else ?! However , my hands are so small, the desire is too far but the troubles are very much. I really feel exhaust, tired and don’t know how i can go to the end of the way i chose. I hope to receive the help tody at all. Thank you for reading. I’m very sory if you need more time and labour to read than normally. haven’t done a English essay yet, don’t know anything about the structure of an English essay and it’s really difficult for me to express my opinion in this language because i have just learnt english to communicate since i came here. I have repaired it carefully as i can but i am sure it still has mistakes in grammar or dictation. The way i write may be not clear ang familiar with you too. I hope you can throw away these mistakes and inspect the contents and sense of this essay to estimate it. Thank you very much. ……………………………………………………………………